All About Mysti author BBC children’s book

Children’s drama and entertainment series, The Mysti Show , featuring half-human half-fairy Mysti (Laura Aikman) was aired every Saturday morning on BBC1 and BBC2 from 2004-2005 and was repeated on CBeebies. The accompanying children’s book, All About Mysti , was produced by Mystical Productions for the BBC.

ALL ABOUT MYSTI [EAN: 9781904725084 | ISBN: 1904725082]
Commissioned to coincide with the launch of the TV series The Mysti Show, I planned the creative layout and penned the content of All About Mysti. Aimed at 6-7 year old girls, this inside track on Mysti the half human, half fairy and her friends is packed with the stars’ likes and pet hates, Mysti’s favourite spells and tips on how to add a bit of Mysti magic with fashion, beauty and accessories.

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