B2B copywriter for Nuvitik communications.

B2B copywriter for Nuvitik communications

Editorial lead for this Canadian communications firm involved the creation of business to business documentation as B2B copywriter which would prove key to its success. Federal and regional government proposals, business plans and applications to government showcased the company’s mission and objectives and strategic plan. Aiming to address issues of social inequality, Nuvitik is building a subsea fibre network in the Arctic to bring fibre broadband connectivity to indigenous communities in Canada’s north.

B2B copywriter in technology sector

The company needed to position itself in the market as wholesale internet service provider, identify its customer base and reach out to business partners in order to tackle the digital divide in canada between north and south. I established company style and tone of voice for communications and marketing material such as trade leaflets, communications and PR. I also created their web presence and all their online web content and set up and managed their social media channels.

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